Last updated 17 days ago

Comfortable is in public beta. That means we're collecting feedback form our users, shipping improvements and new features every day. 🚀

If you'd like to share feedback (which is highly appreciated!) or connect with us and other members from the community, drop us a message via Intercom, an E-Mail or feel free to join our Slack.


When do you expect to launch?

We're expecting to launch officially by the end of October.

What's the pricing?

You can use Comfortable for free during the beta. After the launch you can decide if you want to stick to a free plan, or upgrade to a paid plan. Paid plans will start at $29/month per repo and include extended features like localisation, versioning, increased limits, etc. We're going to publish an official pricing page soon.

Where can i find starters and SDKs?

We're in the process of creating starters and SDKs for JavaScript, React, Vue.js, Angular, Gatsby, etc. You'll find them in our documentation and on our blog.