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Welcome to Comfortable 👋

Comfortable is a headless CMS that enables fast and easy content editing for websites and apps.

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Getting started

This introduction will get you a quick overview of the basic things to know, when working with Comfortable.


To get started you'll need to create an account. Each account can have repositories for themselves or can be invited to join and collaborate within foreign repositories at an appropriate access level.


Spaces for projects are called repositories. A repository is the place where you keep all the content related to a single project.


Each document represents a content entity. That might be a page, a product, some content element, or anything else.

Document Types

Document types define reusable schemas for documents. You could for example create a document type called Page, Product or Article.


Collections are powerful filters for documents that can be used as endpoints and be managed through the web interface. Create lists of products, categories, display articles or elements of a section of your site, collect dates, or aggregate sets of data. Do almost anything you would do with client-side filtering, but keep the content accessible and comprehensible for your editors.

Content Tree

The Content Tree holds all of the collections and linked documents to provide developers and editors with structure and orientation.

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