API Reference


The content delivery API provides common query parameters like limit, offset and sorting, but also offers advanced methods such as filters , locale for list endpoints like All Documents and Collections.

Queries are submitted per GET method either by query parameters e.g. or as an URI Encoded JSON Object.

Queries longer than 11kB that can't be submitted using the GET method, and must be sent using the POST method. The payload is a JSON Object (Example)

POST requests up to 2kB are also supported by the API CDN Cache.

List of available Parameter Names


Each request gets cached by a global CND Cache provided by Fastly. An API CDN Cache does not only boost the speed of responses for edge cases and in general, but also greatly increases the reliability and robustness of an API.

The first API call will hit our servers to provide the response. This response is cached and every additional call for the same route will be provided from the cache as long as the returned data for this call doesn't change.

Field Types

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