Documents are content objects and represent an individual entity of data, e.g. a page, a product a single element of a website or a data object for a list. The schema of a document is defined in a content type.

Adding Documents

At the top right corner of the webapp, you'll find a button with a 'Plus'-icon. On the dropdown menu you can choose from which type you want to create a document.

Editing Documents

The Writing Room

This is the place where editors compose and edit documents. It consists of two main parts, the Content Area and the Sidebar.

Content Area

All of the fields defined for a content type appear on the left, main part of the Writing Room screen:

The sidebar gives you overview and control over a document:


With revisions you can review and restore changes or versions of a document. Click the tab 'Revisions' to view and choose from different versions of your content.

You can preview and restore different versions of a document. If the document is published, you can decide to restore a version as draft.


You can create drafts for published documents if the content needs to be reviewed before it gets published, or if you are being interrupted while updating a document.

Draft mode is available when a document has the published state.


Switch Button

Control wether a document is published or unpublished by clicking the desired state.

Save the document for the publishing state to take effect.

Scheduled Publishing

Documents, e.g. an event, can be published automatically at a certain point in time. They can also be set to unpublished at a date or time, e.g. a few days after the event was over. Leave the field blank if you do not want to enable an option.

If you'd like to remove a document from collections after it was unpublished, simply enable the checkbox 'Unpublish and move to Archive'.


Tags are used to describe a documents content or purpose. They may also be used as a filter argument to include or exclude documents from collections.


You can filter translatable fields of a language by selecting the corresponding tab on the top of the Writing Room. Locales can be managed in the settings area of a repository.

Deleting Documents

To delete a document you'll need to move it to the Archive first. You can do this by either (1) choosing it from any collection or the All Documents view by selecting the corresponding checkbox and clicking the 'Trashcan'-Button. Or (2) while in the Writing Room, open the Save Buttons context menu on the sidebar and click 'Move to Archive'.

The Archive collects all of the documents you decided to move their manually, or automatically at a certain point of time, configured in the Writing Room. To delete a document permanently:

  1. Navigate to 'Archive' by clicking 'Document Archive' on the bottom of the Content Tree.

  2. Select documents by clicking their checkbox.

  3. Once you have selected the documents you want to delete, click the 'Trashcan' Button.

  4. Confirm.

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