Image Manipulation


Image assets uploaded to Comfortable are available via imgix, a powerful service offering real-time image processing like resizing, cropping, compression or optimization per device. All of the images are served by a fast CDN.
To learn what you can do with imgix, have a look at the imgix API Reference.


Comfortable automatically detects image assets and makes them available on the at the following URL by default, when you query a document:
Image API Base URL
Images can also be retrieved like regular assets at, but without the power of the image manipulation API.

Basic Examples

// Image URL without manipulation<repo>/awesome-image.jpg
// Resizing to 600px<repo>/awesome-image.jpg?w=600
// Resizing to 300x100 with fit=crop<repo>/awesome-image.jpg?fit=crop&w=300&h=100
To see more examples, visit the imgix API Reference.