Perform a Full-Text search query by using the search parameter. You can apply a search query for all documents, collections, or combine it with filters.
Search query

Seach Features


The search supports stemming.
You can control the locale for a search with the locale parameter. The default locale for the search is the same as a repositories default locale.

Stop Words

The search supports language-specific stop words (e.g. in English, the, an, a, and, etc.)

Exclude Words

Exclude words from the search by prefixing them with - (e.g. Flowers -Sunflowers)

Supported Languages

Stemming and Stop Words are supported for the following languages:
  • danish (da)
  • dutch (nl)
  • english (en)
  • finnish (fi)
  • french (fr)
  • german (de)
  • hungarian (hu)
  • italian (it)
  • norwegian (nb)
  • portugese (pt)
  • romanian (ro)
  • russian (ru)
  • spanish (es)
  • swedish (sv)
  • turkish (tr)
  • arabic (ara)
  • dari (prs)
  • iranian persian (pes)
  • urdu (urd)
  • simplified chinese or hans (zhs)
  • traditional chinese or hant (zht)